Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I stopped by Helen Tilbury's blog and noticed that Helen was hosting a Challenge for this website There was at least 19 items that you had to collect and use on your page, quite challenging but fun also.

This was the requirements of the Challenge including what I have used.

) Seeing as it's Easter & all, you need to create a layout documenting YOUR FAITH, YOUR BELIEFS or just a PHILOSOPHY THAT YOU LIVE BY... "I live by being kind to people and expect this in return.

2) Use craft paper as your backing base - I used this from paper packagine and cut half circles to make it a bit more decorative.
3) Use flowers on your layout
4) Use eyelets on your layouts
5) Use PLAIN BRADS - colored pink tone
6) Photo/s must be taken OUTDOORS
7) Your patterened paper can only be strips - I used off cuts but not in all small sizes.
8) Hand-journaling
9) Use a decorative border punch -
10) Use an old book page - I used the children running to symbolise Mothers Day
11) IF you want (this is the only optional part of this challenge :)) you can use THREE NEW EMBELLISHMENTS just to bring your layout up to date! I have used 1 BG Chipboard bird and two Fancy pants rubons.
12) Use PAINT on your layout - I used pink paint over the back ground.
13) STAMP on your page using something from AROUND THE HOUSE - I useed a salad bowl I recently was given at a take away shop. I used both the top and the bottom with the paint getting two diffent size circles.
14) Use ANY TYPE OF FABRIC, BANDAGING OR GAUZE on your layout - Pink Muslin
15) Use a TAG bought or hand-made - mine is from domr Pj's I purchased
16) Use something weird you wouldn't normally put on a layout ( I used a soda can that I recycled by using die cutting them and embossing them into banners) scrapbooking)
17) Use staples or paperclips - one or more
18) Use TWINE or string/embroidery floss...
19) TEAR some paper on your layout

OMG that was long winded, I think this took longer than the challenge typing it all in. Thanks for looking and I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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  1. Beautiful layout! Love all the fun embellishments!

  2. 19! salad bowl, recycled soda, PJ tag .. you ARE creative Fi! I've always known that and you prove it over and over again. Great page!

  3. HAHAHA you too funny Fi... But I agree...its too long of a list!!!Its a true blue challenge for ME.. I dont think I can do it... but you not just do it... YOU ROCKED it!!! Simply beautiful and very creative!!! TFS...your work as always very inspiring to me... hugs...xoxo

  4. Gorgeous layout Fi, love all the texture and bits and pieces, you certainly live by your philosophy of being kind as you always have the nicest things to say about other scrappers, I appreciate all your feedback on my layouts, take care, have a fabulous weekend, x

  5. Fi....OMG this is FABULOUS!! I'm not THAT brave to do a layout like this.

  6. Oh my goodness! What a fantastic page and the banner thingies are so creative - love that

  7. This rocks! it was fun to sit and chat with you while you gathered the mighty list but gather you did and then voila along came another fab crreation! Love it Tx

  8. OMGosh! This is so fantastic! Wow--such a challenging and interesting challenge! And you masterfully combined each element to create a beautiful work of art. That banner is just so awesome. Love your work, Fi!

  9. Thanks for playing Fi! You are a real sport & you did amazingly fantastic with this one! Your banners were just awesome...sorry to hear your greatest challenge was the upload LOL - that had me giggling...not sure why you battled, I do it all the time there without a problem. Sometimes I struggle on new sites myself though too but thanks for persevering:)

  10. The first thing I noticed were that fabulous banner. I seem to be having a thing for banners right now and this one is orgeous. Tell me how you did the embossing, pls...
    You have been very creative in many ways here.
    I can imagine you had a lot of fun , and Iknow I would too,but that's one long list. I suppose I could just skip the list and just say 'I DID IT ALL!' LOL!