Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quick Up Date

Well what was supposed to be a week of house sitting and hopefully sunshine included has turned out anything but.  It rained the whole trip and at times we couldn't see the road so it was a matter of slowing to a cautious speed.  On arriving we couldn't see the beach the sea mist was to thick but we could certainly here the waves crashing.  The morning brought us more rain and strong winds however we did venture out to quickly take some photos.


As you can see this is what we were confronted with for the first 3 days of our stay, definitely no swiming going to be happening here.
We were able to get out and stock up on food, the locals told us the area we where in does at time become flooded fortunately we were not flooded in but the rain and wind was still to dangerous to allow us to go further than that. 
Tuesday we copped another battering and lost power and we still had no power in the morning however the weather cleared up enough to travel into Coffs Harbour so we could buy a few supplies to at least do some scrapping, the one time we opted to leave our scrapping stuff home.  Lucky the friends house that I'm sitting had the basic, I mean this literally ie cutting mat, knife, paper trimmer and a diecut machine with a few metal dies.  Coffs Harbour does not have a scrapping store but we were able to purchase a few supplies from Spotlight.  Not much of range I can tell you, fortunately we had stopped at Kaiser Craft at Robina and purchased some papers and stamps so this helped.
The weather is still up and down at the moment and the beach is still to rough for safe swimming.  We are still stuck here because the Hwy to get home is closed in both directions and we are having trouble trying to find out real information as to when road will allow travellers to get back home.
Well enough of the drama in my life as at the end of the day I'm safe, not everyone has been this fortunate with townships completely flooded and homes lost, my heart goes out to those.
Here is a page I created for the challenge over at Colorful Creations, unfortunately I interpreted the instructions wrong and had to redo the whole  page.  With hardly any scrapping supplies was not easy unfortunately I cannot post the other page at this time but if you wish to check it out pop on over to Colorful Creations and you can check out what everyone has been doing for the event.
 "So You Think You Can Scrap"

Well I must head off I have borrowed someone's internet access so that I could quickly upload this.  Thanks for looking and for any comments that you may leave me.
Bye for now

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Australia Day Celebrations

Hi Everyone

I know its been quite awhile since my last post and before I head off for a week to house sit for a friend I just wanted to say a quick hello to those that have dropped me private message wondering where and what I have been up to.  

Mostly I have been spending time with my family over the holidays, now that they all work  full-time we don't get to spend time like we used to and I  didn't want to miss the opportunity to spend quality time with them.  I chose not to hole myself up in my craft room, the craft room will always be there but unfortunately not my family.  They older they become the more involved they are in  there own stuff so its great when they still want to spend quality time with us.

  But we are all back to work, but I'm taking another short break but this time away from home.  I am really looking forward to being a 5 min walk to the beach and here's hoping that this wet blanket will lift so that I may get a few lovely days whilst away.

To all my Australian friends I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow celebrating Australia Day and I will be back in a week posting all the projects that I have worked on.

Take Care

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