Friday, January 25, 2013

Australia Day Celebrations

Hi Everyone

I know its been quite awhile since my last post and before I head off for a week to house sit for a friend I just wanted to say a quick hello to those that have dropped me private message wondering where and what I have been up to.  

Mostly I have been spending time with my family over the holidays, now that they all work  full-time we don't get to spend time like we used to and I  didn't want to miss the opportunity to spend quality time with them.  I chose not to hole myself up in my craft room, the craft room will always be there but unfortunately not my family.  They older they become the more involved they are in  there own stuff so its great when they still want to spend quality time with us.

  But we are all back to work, but I'm taking another short break but this time away from home.  I am really looking forward to being a 5 min walk to the beach and here's hoping that this wet blanket will lift so that I may get a few lovely days whilst away.

To all my Australian friends I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow celebrating Australia Day and I will be back in a week posting all the projects that I have worked on.

Take Care

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  1. Have a lovely time Fi and glad to hear you spent the time with family, life goes so quickly and we need to capture every minute we can,

  2. Enjoy yourself! Yup, time with the family is so important, and you are so right, your craft room will be there tomorrow, but they won't be....enjoy all those fabulous moments now!

  3. Spending time with family is such a treasure. My philosophy when our children were young was to create a scrapbook of memories for them, even though I didn't scrapbook at the time. Today I heard our son preach and some of his illustrations were those memories we created together. Happy Australia Day!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  4. Good choice indeed. I've also chosen to spend more precious time with family this year too! Sorry your holiday hasn't been what you envisioned but perhaps you needed the rest & reflection too...