Sunday, August 29, 2010

Color Combos Galore 156

Well I have been busy this week, not only doing the Color Combos 156 Challenge but also the Pencils Lines Sketch as well. Janet was asked to team up with Pencil Lines Sketch and put a color combo togethor to go along with their weekly challenge in celebration of their 200th Sketch. WOW, 200, that is amazing. I started off on track, getting the CCG 156 Challenge completed in under and hour and I also completed the Pencil Lines Sketch by Sunday night, I was really quite proud of myself. Had Pencil Lines 201 Sketch printed off with the intentions of getting that one done by Sunday night when this dreaded head cold hit me. Now I am in bed, too blocked up to want to do anything. Oh well what can you do.

Color Combos Galore 156


Color Combos Galore 155


Color Combos Galore 153

Great Aunt

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  1. Love all the details you put into all your pages, Fi! So happy you found CCG and play with us all the time!