Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Color Room Palette 49

Lots of pink over at the color room this week, at first I wasn't going to play along. My reason you ask??? Simply because I can be a bit of a colour Nazi. Why am I like this, I don't know, it could stem back to my childhood days....hmmmm, way back when I pack my clothes away into drawers by colour. Yes I actually did this.

Anyway Im getting off track, it annoys me when you can clearly see the colors of the palette and yet a completely different color is used. Ok so their is more than one shade of white, but if I threw my white shirt into the wash and it came out pink would I still call it white? Possibly not, so if the color is a dusky pink, how does it then become watermelon or hot pink???

And I have to agree these colour palettes can be quite challenging, hence the fact that its a challenge site. I get that we don't always have what we need in our stash, but to succeed and get as close as possible I have mixed paints, shimmers and chalks to get the desired color, messy....indeed it is, but that is why it is a challenge!!!!

My take of this weeks colour palette and I can tell you it was hard to get those colours remotely perfect, but I did try my best. I found by mixing Burgundy paint with Grey almost got me the colors I was looking for.

Graduation Yr9 a

My up close shot is showing you skeleton leaves that I have embellished.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Ahh you're too hard on yourself... I think you nailed the color challenge...Nazi... LOL...This layout is beautiful and amazing... love how well you did with the paints and mists... and stamps too... you are very artistic... and each time... you did a layout...its truly inspiring... hugs...xoxo

    P/S: hopefully my lucky charm starts to work... thanks for the sweet comments... xx

  2. Here here! Cheers to the color "nazi"! (OMG How politically incorrect!) but I totally agree with you! If the colors are red, orange and blue...don't use purple! Or fushia...

    I so need to get back on the challenge cycle and I'll be looking for you when I do! BTW Loving the blog design!

  3. Loved your layout for this challenge. I have not been very active on TCR lately but am actually in the middle of sth for this palette. Of course I will be late as always....(why..Oh, I don't know....!) YSS is sponsoring this month so I thought I would make an effoert as I am on their DT!
    Hope you will not be scolding me because I am not using the right
    Have a great evening!

  4. Thanks for you comments. Hey Bente would never scold anyone for not using the correct colors because at the end of the day it is to challenge yourself. However to featured it does say you must use those colors and a lot of layouts selected for feature do not meet the requirements. Their are so many beautiful pieces of work that could be chosen that do meet the criteria, its a shame that these are over looked.

  5. beautiful layout Fi! Also, you have a little blog award awaiting you on my blog!

  6. Gorgeous layout love how you stuck to the challenge, afraid to check out the color room do not have the time to be addicted to another site LOL, take care, happy scrapping, ps.tks for visiting my little blog!

  7. Hi again girl!
    I completely agree with you in this discussion. I have many times thought the same thing when looking at the featured layouts!
    Also I think that too many times it is the same scrappers chosen for the spotlight. Of course it has to be a rather popular choise but as you say. there are so many to choose from!

  8. Exquisite page, Fi! ITA about the color Nazi thing! LOL!