Sunday, May 1, 2011


My friends Tracee from the UK & Marissa from Australia decided to have a little Royal Wedding scrap party on skype. The first challenge was for us to make a royal crown for the occasion. Tracee did and awesome job by bringing a little bit of Kate to the party, whilst I after having my whole day re-arranged by my husband had less than hour to get mine done. I was going for the Royal Jewel look and used a plastic milk carton that I cut up and recycled, I sprayed with some glitter spray and hot glued my bling on. Unfortunately mine didn't see through the night, it fell of my head and

If you want a good laugh hop over to Tracee's and check her's out.

Hope every else had as much fun as us.

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  1. and there was no alcohol involved!! but Fi was decrowned at quite an early stage LOL XXX

  2. Loving the bloggy makeover! Glaed you embraced the royal wedding - bit of a boring one I thought - that dress wasn't ground-breaking haute couture now was it?!

  3. He he dunno if I believe you Tracee, Mrs Fi sure looks rather giddy in her crown! What a fun idea! I sure had some rosé to get me through the boooooring ceremony, so I'm all with you Helen on that bit. ;))