Friday, May 4, 2012

Celebrate Card

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I love Friday's even more when I know we are also going to have a public holiday on the Monday, who doesn't love a long weekend.   I have an exciting weekend planned kicking off today with me getting to pick up my new car, with much regret I have had to sell my Mazda CX9, this 7 seater is way to big just for me now and doesn't serve much purpose when it sits under the carport not getting used.  So I get to pick up my new Holden Cruise CDX Turbo Diesel, I wanted it in red but there is none in the country and the best delivery time they could give me was early August so I have settled for black, oh this we have to settle

I also have scrappy weekend planned as well, I have a friend arriving tomorrow morning and then another one turning up a little later in the day, no kids to worry about and I'm sure my husband will have not problems being on food duties.  As I mentioned in my earlier post we have decided to join in on one of the USA Challenges its 12 hours and starts our time at Midnight, so this is going to be one interesting weekend with hopefully some actually scrapping getting done and not us falling asleep on our cutting mats.  Now that would be a great photo moment!!!

Well before I head off for my busy day I thought I would share this card I have made for invites to my husbands 50th Birthday.  We seem to have a lot of Birthdays in June & July but this year we have not only my husbands 50th I also have my DD 18th so we decided we would just do one big celebration.  Now that the date is getting closer I have some busy weeks ahead getting it all organised.

Products Used:  Kaiser Papers & Bloom, Magnolia Knife & Fork Stamp, PaperTrey Ink die cut & Stamp Set, Matha Stewart Punch. Tim Holtz Distress Pearls, Super Fine Glitter.

Thanks for looking and have a great day.

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  1. Woot woot on the new car Fi! I could never have a black car here - faaaar tooo hot - it would be a sauna in there! Oh I love me a zooty red vehicle too but also had to "settle" for bottle green as I didn't want to wait either! I will be alongside you in not too long - with no need for me massive Voyager...Now onto the invite - great card & love that highly decorative punch you've used. Don't envy you organising a big party but at least you have Pinterest to help hey!!

    1. Hey Helen, that was the exact reason why I didn't want black because of the heat, normally I go for white but they didn't have it in the prestige range which is just weird. I think my DD jinxed me with the red she didn't want us having the same colour car, so black was my only option. Thankfully it will be covered under cover most of the time.

  2. Congrats on your new car Fi.... YAY!!!
    Love the shabby style on this card invite!!... love that banner!!Oh well.. sounds like a good plan for the weekend...Planning a big party... Good luck!!... Sure all turned out as plan!!!


  3. Beautiful card Fi & lucky you getting a NEW car. Drive safely now !!! Have a great weekend.
    Cheers Di xo

  4. oh i'm looking for a new car too! except i'm looking in the opposition direction than you i need bigger my tiny little 2 seater Pontiac solstice is way to small now - but let me tell ya it has fun while it lasted! anywho news cars are fun so congrats and enjoy.. blk won't be so bad there's an upside - it won't look as dirty!
    great card! love the border punch at the bottom! & the fork & knife are too cute!

  5. Congrats on your new car...yeah!!!!!! Love your creation here...the bottom is so pretty...the perfect touch!

  6. ooh-la-la like the design of your card ... and ... how are the new wheels???