Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Found - Photo Card Boutique

OMG I just found this amazing site called Photo Card Boutique, I was checking out Pinterest when I stumbled on this site. I love, love, love Monochromatic Palettes and started looking for something that might meet my needs when I stumbled across this. If you love colour challenges but find it hard to meet the deadlines then maybe this might be more your thing without the added pressures. Has anyone else seen how many colour palettes are on this site??? Would love to hear if you have.

Oh and if you haven't checked out Pinterest if you've got hours to spare then go and look, if not avoid it like the white light as times really does get away from Bye for now Fi

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  1. Thanks for sharing the info Fi... good stuff!... hugs...xoxo

  2. Sounds interesting!!! I have heard about "Pinterest" but I'm not exactly sure about the "hows & whys", if that makes any sense. Can someone enlighten me???? Di xo

  3. It's lovely! I don't have time to get the challenges done with deadlines let alone adding in extras though & while I love Pinterest I stay away from it generally as it just fuels great ideas that I don't have the time to implement :)