Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Little Crazy

Hi Everyone
Haven't been around much lately as things around here have been a little crazy.  
With the end of financial year book work that needed to be done, so the tax man can have have his good time share, my husband offered to give my craft room an over haul.  I shuddered at the idea!!! 

Move all my stuff out and paint not only walls but the floors as well!  That seemed like crazy person talk and my answer was no, to start with, just the thought of  moving everything out and not having access to my craft supplies seemed a little over whelming.  But it was out there now and the thought of freshening up everything got the better of me and I decided why not, lets just do it.   

My husband sat down with me and drew up a design for a craft cupboard that would hopefully meet all my needs, cough, expectations.  Once that was sorted I moved on to getting a coat of paint onto the walls and floors.  In between it all I also fractured fingers in both my hands, one is the result of a netball injury the other we self inflicted doing sprints on the treadmill, had to be there to understand that one, lol.

So with hands only half working I am happy and cramping as I painted I am happy to share a picture with you all.  I am loving this colour against the white and can't wait until its all complete.  And a big thank you to my lovely husband who has been working 10 hour days and then spending his weekend trying to get my craft room done.  

Here a sneek peak, the cupboard is now up and I have started loading it up but I will share that at a later date.

Thanks for dropping by and let me know what you think of the colours!!!

Take Care

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  1. Oh I LOVE the wall colour! It's my favourite colour anyway so of course I'm going to love it! I'd be hanging on to that hubby of yours too - worth his weight in gold I reckon! Can't wait to see it all finished.

  2. You lucky duck!! I wish I have a craft room! :( I so can't wait to see your new craft room!! How exciting!! Hugs x

  3. Yup, you are a lucky girl! ....But I do feel your pain....
    Our house is up or sale and I had to put away most of my stuff in boxes in the attic. It has been like that for months and did not do my mojo any good! I can never find any of the things I always used to have right next to me because I used them all the time.... Arrrg!!
    Oh well, at least you will have a beautiful room soon and I will look and dream :-)

  4. I wrote a long comment here Fi about your new room etc,..LOL But Blogger decided to let me down again and gave me an erroer message instead. Love the look of your room though!! xx

  5. Hi Fi it's been a while since I was here in blogland. You sound like you will have an ace working and crafting space when it's finished. Hope you're keeping well.xxx