Monday, August 15, 2011

How Much Is Too Much - 178 Just Relaxing

I don't know where the time went, I cut it really close getting this one done. The lovely Tracee Proves and Debbi Tehrani hooked up and skype to ensure that each of us did not cheat on randomly picking our stuff.

You can check out what each of these ladies did and read the selection process by clicking on their names taking you to their blogs. For me I picked out about 40 pieces of scraps ranging in size, then both Tracee and Debbi selected 3 numbers each giving me a total of 6 random pieces of paper. Because each of the papers selected where quite small I decided to work on my 8" album that I had been neglecting.

The challenge 178 was to do a layout with the following:

- About something that you find relaxing. A moment relaxing with my husband.
- Close your eyes and dig into your stash of scrap patterned papers and randomly pick out at 6 or more pieces of papers and use those on your layout. No peeking!
- Do the same thing and pick 10 or more random buttons, ribbons or pearls. 2 Pins, 3 Websters Sticker, 1 button, 1 Star Sticker, 1 scrap of felt,1 Prima pearl leftover, and date sticker.
- Use 3 bits and pieces lying around on your desk (not patterned papers). If you have a clean desk, use 3 left-overs from your last project. A bulldog clip, Websters bloom and BG rubon,found that on the ground in the rubbish pile.
- 1 recycled item - I used some cutouts from the packaging in Websters Celebration Kit.

I hope you have enjoyed looking and hopefully inspired you enough to come on over and join in. Thanks in advanced for any comments that you may leave and have a great week.


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  1. Look at you, scrapping 8 x 8! Your page is absolutely gorgeous! Love that heart in the background and all those pretty flowers! Your page is so lovely and cohesive that your page doesn't at all look like you chose things randomly! It was fun taking a little part on your page!

  2. Love this one, the heart and flowers are gorgeous, take care Doreen x

  3. Holy Snot! This is the bomb!! LOVE this and so can't wait to attempt this!!

  4. Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous! Everything! Just stunning!

  5. Aaaaah! fab to see you and hubbs in the same pic, he is such a good looking chap Fi! You've done beautifully pulling together all the elements, would have been so easy to come up with something too busy but this is truly wonderful. Have been working very very late hours these passed weeks, had but brief moments during my lunch break to click through but not comment in the CCG gallery. So so itching and missing to play, but have to sleep too ;)) xoxoxo